Stop Alzheimer’s Now Donates $100,000 to the University of Florida College of Medicine

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GAINESVILLE, FL — Stop Alzheimer’s Now, a non-profit organization founded by Shaun McDuffee in 2013, recently contributed $100,000 to the University of Florida Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, establishing the Stop…

Stop Alzheimer’s Now Donates $100,000 to the University of Kansas Medical Center

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KANSAS CITY, KS—Stop Alzheimer’s Now, a non-profit organization founded by Shaun McDuffee in 2013, recently contributed $100,000 to the University of Kansas Alzheimer’s Disease Center, establishing the Stop Alzheimer’s Now…

There are several ways you can assist to raising awareness and help find a cure:

Make a one-time or repeating tax deductible donation

PayPal securely processes donations for Stop Alzheimer’s Now. You can complete your payment with just a few clicks using your credit card or bank account. Your financial information is secure is is not shared with PayPal or Stop Alzheimer’s Now.

Link your Amazon account to us with AmazonSmile

AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support SAN every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop, you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to Stop Alzheimer’s Now.

“Like” us on FaceBook and stay updated

Keep up to date on Stop Alzheimer’s Now announcements, activities, Walk Across the USA updates and more . We are striving towards 20,000 “Likes” on our FaceBook page which will unlock a $40,000 pledged donation.

Become a Corporate or Foundation Sponsor

Our Corporate and Foundation Sponsors are integral partners in our efforts to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease, and funding to provide research opportunities towards finding a cure.
Our goal is for less than 3% of contributions applied towards administrative expenses, with 97% directed directly towards research and awareness campaigns. This is dramatically lower than most national nonprofit organizations.
For more details on our Sponsor recognition tiers please see below. 

Corporate and Foundation Sponsors


Scott Richards North Star Charitable Foundation

Diamond Level

McDuffee Family Foundation

Diamond Level

William D. Rhodes Foundation

Platinum Level

Sponsorship levels

  • Silver $1000-$2500

  • Gold $2501-$5000

  • Platinum $5001-$25,000

  • Diamond $25,001-$50,000

  • Legends $50,000+

If you are interested in being a corporate sponsor, please email

Donor Wall

Thank You to all our donors! If you would like to contribute a tax-deductible donation to help Stop Alzheimer’s Now, please click the Donate button at the top of this page.

Aaron P $40
Alan K $40
Alberto L $40
Alex K $40
Allison D $40
Amazon Smile $134
Andrew E $40
Andy K $40
Angela H $50
Ann E $40
Anonymous $2996
Arrica I $40
Ashley D $40
Becky A $50
Brett V $540
Benjamin T $40
Beth S $40
Bethany V $500
Brandon L $40
Brent V $500
Brett V $540
Brittany R $40
Bruce R $25
Caitlin W $10
Caroline D $40
Cassie D $554
Chase B $40
Chris S $140
Christina O $50
Chuck H $250
Cindy S $50
Clarisa H $50
Craig M $7,288
CustomInk LLC $50
Cyndi H $40
Dani B $40
David K $40
David S $800
David T $100
Debbie K $25
Diane Y $100
Ed D $225
Eileen H $25
Elissa B $25
Elizabeth I $40
Elizabeth M $40
Eric P $80
Erik S $40
Gabby K $40
Gabrielle I $40
Garrett C $40
Haley D $40
Hannah D $40
Heidi S $30
Ianthe S $60
Jack R $575
Jake R $577
James J $9,617
James M $50
In Memory of James S $400
Jane M $10
Jean B $457
Jean J $75
Jeffrey T $250
Jenna B $60
Jeremy H $40
Jessica E $30
JoAnn B $108
Jobin S $50
Joe E $250
Johanna S $40
John M $40
John P $40
Jordan C $40
Jordan G $40
Jordan J $40
Joseph E $250
Joseph F $100
Josh W $40
Justin B $300
In Memory of Karen K $8941
Kate F $40
Kelly S $40
KimBerly R $40
Kirstin M $40
Kyle F $2073
Kyle K $546
Lacey S $50
Larry S $50
Laura V $1,110
Lea Z $40
Leonard B $100
Linda G $30
Lindsay F $100
Lois J $300
Lone Star Chiropractic $1,710
Loretta R $10
In Memory of Lorraine S $350
Lynne B $80
Makayla L $40
In Memory of “Mac” M $500
Marcus S $4,809
Margaret F $150
Margaret M $50
Mark K $40
Mark M $1,389
Marshall G $100
Mary M $40
Matt K $40
Matthew C $2
Matthew W $40
Megan N $40
Michael J $8,507
Michael P $9,917
Michael S $500
Michele R $5
Mike B $100
Mitch Z $40
Nick P $80
Nina P $40
Nora M $40
Pat J $40
Paula M $40
Phillip R $300
Rachel S $40
Randy C $40
Raymond M $25
Rebecca K $40
Rebecca S $60
Robert M $60
Robert B $1,000
Robert M $550
Ron R $10
Ross C $3,718
Russell M $80
Ryan S $40
Sarah A $40
Scott S $40
Shaun M $28,543
Steph C $40
Stephanie R $500
Steven E $500
Sun Trust Booster $1,345
Susan T $100
Terry C $40
Tom F $40
Tom R $25
Tom Z $250
Toni D $40
Tony R $40
Tonya A $40
Travis H $100
Trisha Q $40
Will D $40